What is Tarot?

The Tarot has an extensive history reaching as far back as the 15th century, and is as colorful as the people who feel called to read the cards. When Tarot originated it was considered a card playing game across most of Europe, and it was not until the 18th century that the Tarot transformed into a tool of divination. While it’s uses may vary a few staples remain; a Tarot deck is always composed of 4 suits, called the Minor Arcana, with 14 cards per each suit including an Ace through King. What separates the Tarot from a standard playing deck is the inclusion of an additional 22 cards, without a suit, referred to as the Major Arcana. Many who feel called to the Tarot use the cards in the fashion of cartomancy, diving wisdom, and spiritual guidance, for the benefit of themselves and others.

How is the Tarot used at Revive?

Dr. Callista Lay uses the Tarot to receive guidance in a way that encourages those she works with to connect to their intuition, and understand the needs of their own soul. Dr. Lay believes there is deep medicine in the Tarot, relying on it as a powerful resource to empower one’s own path of healing.

Tarot is offered both in person and via Zoom, as part of the Channeled Healing service, or as a stand-alone service. Bookings are made in 60 minute intervals.

A 60-minute session offers ample opportunity to connect with the medicine present for you by Spirit, as well as to ask specific questions you may have. It’s a great chance to both see what comes up and direct the reading to areas where you may seek more understanding.