Jennika L.
I had a wonderful experience at Revive Chiropractic Healing. I was able to get an appointment last minute and was treated with so much kindness by Dr. Rachel and the receptionist.

Stephanie L.
I’m so glad to have found Dr. Rachel and the team at Revive. Only three weeks into treatment and I’m already experiencing significant relief! As someone who lives with EDS/POTS, it is extremely hard to find care providers who know and understand it, let alone how to treat it. I have felt validated, cared for, and safe here. Cannot recommend Revive enough!

Kaitlyn D.
I’ve seen Dr Lay for chiropractic care, cupping, acupuncture, and Reiki. She is amazing at all of the above and her office staff is so warm and inviting. They take insurance for the chiropractic care which is a huge plus. Highly recommend her practice if you’re seeking more holistic and chiropractic care in the West Loop.

Kimberly A.
The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The office environment was calming and serene. And Dr. Lay was professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to my needs.

Robin A.
Wonderful experience so friendly welcoming and Informative. Thank you

David A.
I had a tarot reading with Dr. Lay for career advice and it definitely surpassed my expectations! She went above and beyond in addressing my questions and her unique approach to reading was helpful in getting to the heart of the matter. I felt that the reading was valuable in helping me make a more informed decision. I definitely recommend getting a reading from Dr. Lay!

Angela G.
Callista is a very talented Tarot reader and I am so grateful that she provides this form of healing, among many others. The way she reads Tarot flows like a story and she’s able to connect with Spirit in a way that is so comforting and unique. I am so thankful that I have access to her medicine and guidance and can not recommend her enough!

Amanda S.
My first visit to Revive Chiropractic was wonderful! Jacob was so friendly and helpful with the appointment and paperwork. Dr. Lay was approachable and really took the time to sit down and get to know me. Acupuncture was wonderful and had a great first visit! Excited to continue treatment!

Vita H.
Heard my complaints and dealt with my issues.

Kerry C.
Before finding Dr. Callista, I was driving to 3 separate businesses; Cupping, Acupuncture and for Chiropractic care. Revive is my One Stop that keeps me healthy, fit and moving.

Aimee J.
Dr. Lay is very welcoming. I am feeling relieved and relaxed after our appointment. I can not wait for my next appointment.

Michael S.
Understands where I am feeling pain and provides great service to get you back on your feet.

Maureen B.
Every experience I have had had been wonderful, and this visit was nothing short of amazing. The staff is great, Dr. Lay’s knowledge and experience makes makes all the difference. I always feel great after my treatments and would recommend her to everyone. Top notch

Nathan L.
Very professional and knowledgeable.

Shannon M.
She’s caring, intuitive and has a welcoming -loving energy

Maureen B.
Dr Lay and her staff have been very welcoming from the first time I stepped in the door. Dr Lay is very knowledgeable in her field and makes me feel brand new after my cupping and acupuncture session. She is caring, compassionate, and truly has a love for what she does. I look forward to this every week.

Sarah S.
Acupuncture session was great! I was hoping for some relief from sinus issues/allergy symptoms and felt improvement after just one acupuncture session.

Emily W.
I came to Dr. Lay with a history of injuries on my left leg, including my IT band, knee and hamstring. Beginning in May we started chiropractic adjustments, cupping, graston and deep tissue massage. Prior to starting treatment the flexibility in my left leg was severely declining as my hamstring injury seemed to be getting worse. Approaching 6 months, I have 90% of my flexibility back and am back to enjoying yoga and working with a PT to try my legs at running again. I will continue care on a quarterly basis and as needed and have referred several friends and colleagues. Dr. Lay is not only knowledgeable and professional but she listens and builds your treatment plan with you and for you and cares about your results. I absolutely recommend Genesis Chiropractic.

Madison T.
I came in with a migraine that is caused by my neck pain and issues. When I left I felt better already and can feel a lot of the tension released from my neck and my back. Dr. Lay is really good about communication and figuring out what you need. Can’t wait for my next adjustment!

Amy P.
The absolute best!

Debbie R.
Dr. Lay and her team are very knowledgeable. They create a warm environment with great emphasis on the importance of mind and body in the healing process. I love their hours and timeliness of appointments. I highly recommend the services and their alternative approaches to healing pain.

Jillian H.
Dr. Lay is amazing! She has an amazing energy and has helped me tremendously during our sessions. Dr. Lay is professional yet very personable and my favorite healer!

Danielle M.
Dr. Lay is thorough and very knowledgable in so many different types of healing! I look forward to my next session with her!

Darren H.
I experience Dr. Lay as a very skilled and empathic healer.

Michael S.
Feeling relaxed and relieved. Can’t wait for my next visit

Darren H.
Dr. Lay has been my go to for concussion and post concussive healing —Appropriately located across the street from Johnny’s Icehouse. The Cranial Sacral Therapy, that Dr. Lay specializes in and recommended by my neuro team has worked wonders and, alongside acupuncture are the keystones to my treatment. Thanks Doc!

Jen T.
I always feel better after a visit with Dr. Lay. I have had migraines most of my life and after seeing her regularly for acupuncture they have been reduced dramatically. I would highly recommend her Chiropractic and Acupuncture services!

Megan Z.
Love Dr Lay, she is the best for overall well being and is willing to work with her patients to find the best treatment plan.

Debbie S.
Great location. Inviting atmosphere. Knowledgeable and friendly practitioner. Comprehensive holistic care.

Vita H.
Dr. Lay was personable and explained everything she was doing. I was excited about the treatment and felt great after I left. Will be going back next week.

Tim M.
Was my first time ever at chiropractor and Dr. Lay did a great job making me feel comfortable and performing the necessary adjustments.

Joseph F.
Great experience!

Jennifer A.
Dr. Lay was very personable and took the time to listen to all of my issues before making a treatment plan and explaining why she chose what she did. Great experience!

Destiny S.
Dr. Lay was very welcoming and my neck & low back feels great!

Beth S.
Dr Lay was great!

Rebecca Q.
Dr. Lay was very welcoming as a first time patient. She made sure to ask if I had any questions or any expectations.

Emily Y.
Dr. Lay is a great chiropractor and I say this from years of experience having sought out excellent practices since 2012. During my visit today, I immediately sensed genuine warmth and star professionalism. The office is extremely clean and inviting. Dr. Lay’s style is informative and exacting. I particularly appreciated her prefacing every adjustment with a brief description of what I should expect to experience. She also has a gentle touch accompanying every single movement and so I was very relaxed throughout. Finally, I must say that she is truly le creme de le creme! I was recommended to Lay by a very reputable chiropractor outside of Chicago who knew I would need a phenomenal chiropractor after moving to Chicago. Her recommendation was totally on-spot!

Ayanna G.
Working with Dr. Lay was amazing! I will admit, with my science background, I was initially skeptical about the methods. Dr. Lay, was very informative about the process and I looked forward to working with her each week. She is a caring doctor and ensures your needs are heard. I followed her orders exactly and become pregnant a month after the conclusion of my treatment! I am excited for my little girl that is to come soon!