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As spirituality and spiritual lifestyles become a mainstream avenue for health services many are starting to ask what on earth is Reiki, and why would I want it? In pop culture, we are seeing energy healing practices referenced consistently, and it’s impossible to attend a yoga class or pop on Instagram without facing someone expanding on their newest crystal set, life intention, or chakra imbalance. For many, this all may sound a little too woo-woo, unrelatable, and even downright ridiculous. However, I am here to explain to you why it’s not…

Yes, it’s true, Reiki is an energy-based practice in which the practitioner or Reiki Master administers healing energy into the receiving client. This is done with intention and dedication to the practice on behalf of the Reiki practitioner, and through acceptance and receptivity to healing on behalf of the receiver. For some, this practice is spiritual and done with a belief that all healing energy is divine in nature, and for others, the healing is simply that of universal energy, without any connection to a higher power. Your personal feelings about a belief system are not important for Reiki to be received or be effective. Reiki is often performed with hands off the body on a completely clothed recipient in a spa-like or massage-like environment.

Still not sure you’re buying it? Or what you’re even being asked to buy into? That’s alright. I’m not asking you to believe anything outside of your comfort zone. I’m simply hoping to offer more understanding of what Reiki is and how it can be helpful.  In Western culture we’re taught to value everything but our spirit when it comes to medicine, so comments like “energy healing” tend to feel against the grain. What we do know without a doubt, thanks to research, is that Reiki provides the same feelings of relaxation to the body that massage does. It can help decrease blood pressure, reduce stress, improve mood and relieve pain in the body. While I wouldn’t advise anyone to give up modern medicine modalities for disease and illness management, I would encourage them to seek Reiki as a way to feel emotionally better about their process. Most hospital facilities are now offering Reiki as an adjunct to chemotherapy because it provides a sense of calm to cancer patients. We all deserve a stronger sense of peace in our health regimen and Reiki helps to provide that.

While scientists may argue that Reiki works only because the receiver believes it works, someone like me says so, what if it works! We know from hard data, AKA blood testing, and anecdotal stories from survivors that cancer has been seen to go into remission for some who practice believing in the power of their own thought (thank you “The Secret”). Now I do not encourage anyone to give up a life of allopathic medicine to meditate disease away, so the takeaway here is not that Reiki can cure you, but it sure can make you feel a heck of a lot more optimistic about your current lot in life. Most of our Reiki clients state that they feel more empowered by and connected to themselves after a session. Reiki sessions are often accompanied by emotional release, and a deep calm those who meditate often experience.

At the end of the day, medicine often talks about mind-body-spirit wellness, but how many of us are actually incorporating the spirit? Reiki can help you understand your spirit, and understand not only it’s needs, but its place in your well-being. Seeking a modality that can help you to unpack emotional baggage, whilst restoring the body? Seek a Reiki Master you feel connected to. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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