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How to Arrange Crystals in Your Home, According to the Experts

As with any interior design style, the best decor elements are ones that balance aesthetics and function. And the same can be applied when using crystals in the home. While displaying a crystal in any room may seem to do the trick, placing them strategically can help transform your space into one of positivity.

Wondering how to arrange crystals in your home but not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered. We reached out to experts from Vancouver, BC, to Miami, FL, for their best tips and tricks on arranging crystals in your home to help remove the guesswork. From the outside in, here are 16 ways to use crystals in your home.

How to arrange crystals outside the home

1) Use your intuition when selecting the crystal. It may be subtle, so you must really pay attention, but the right crystal will call to you in some way. It may pull your eye or feel at home in your hand – it’s different for everyone. Crystals are a form of energy healing, and a crystal that’s meant to heal the energy in your home will stick out. –Leanna Organics

2) Hang wooden wind chimes containing crystals to bring life to your garden. You can hang them from a branch where it won’t gain too much wind, but enough for you to hear when you’re in your garden. Not only do they look amazing and send positivity and healing to the surrounding environment, but they’ll also sound amazing. Ensure the chimes are placed in the north, west, or north-west zone to maximize feng shui. Amethyst and rose quartz are amazing crystals to place in your garden as they will give energy to the plant life and send healing to those struggling for life. –The Caring Crystal Company

How to arrange crystals in the entryway

3) I’d recommend using black tourmaline, amethyst, and labradorite in your entryway to let more harmony, protection, and joie de vivre into your home and life. 

Black tourmaline: bye, bye, negative energy.

Place some black tourmaline crystals in your entryway or outside your front door, where you can even hide them in some flower pots. This inky black-colored stone is a known swallower of negative energy helping dark, anxious feelings to be replaced by a positive, grounding force. It also provides a continuous protective blanket making you feel safe, secure, and grounded in your home instead of adrift, lost or unconnected. And as tourmaline has piezoelectric (meaning it can store an electrical charge) and pyroelectric (meaning it can generate electricity when heated) properties, it prevents harmful electromagnetic waves from entering your home as well.

Amethyst: soothe your soul.

Leave behind a world of chaos and get a sense of calm and clarity by placing some amethyst crystals in your entryway. Amethyst offers clarity of mind, deep reflection, and a sense of control over life. The crystal also connects heaven and earth, helping you to trust your intuition while at the same time calming a busy mind through reason.

Labradorite: magical courage on your doorstep.

Place some labradorites in your entryway and step into a wonderful world of creativity and higher consciousness. These gorgeously multi-colored crystals come in colors ranging from purple to gray-blue, green, yellow, and brown and remind us of the glimmering lights of the Aurora Borealis. Labradorite helps us balance between what we need here on earth and what can help us leap higher by speaking our truth and staying rooted in authenticity. –Eva Gems & Jewels

4) Placing crystals in your entryway helps you to create an energetic barrier between your home and the chaos of the outside world, and the most often used protective crystals are black tourmaline or selenite. Using selenite, or its crystal cousin satin spar, is practical, since you can set a long, thin wand on top of your door frame (making sure to secure it, of course, so no one gets hit on the head entering your home). To give your home a welcoming vibe, add rose quartz just inside the doorway to create a sense of warmth and love for all who visit. –Ivy+Light

5) Be intentional when deciding where to place your crystals. Place protective stones such as black obsidian near entryways and windows, clear quartz in high traffic areas to keep the energy light, and amethyst near your bed for calming and easing sleep disturbances. Crystals in high traffic areas should be cleansed regularly, as they can pick up and hold onto large amounts of energy. Crystals can also be incorporated into the decor of any room, such as decorative trays and trinket dishes to bring your crystal display to the next level. –Spirit Gypsy

6) The best placement in your entryway for protection stones, such as black tourmaline and obsidian, is on the sides of your doorway outside of your home. For stones carrying energy that you wish to set the tone in the space, place them in the inside corners of the entrance to channel their vibrations as you pass through them each day. Starting with a clean space is essential to achieving a balanced and pleasant entryway, as crystals can absorb existing energy. It’s vital to declutter, organize and purify the space with burning sage first. The crystals’ vibrations can now better aid in maintaining an inviting and harmonious space filled with positive vibrations. Before selecting crystals for your entryway, consider the tone you wish to set for the space. If you’re combining different types of crystals, be sure to choose those that complement each other based on their meanings and properties. You should also be mindful of colors, shapes, and textures to ensure a harmonious aesthetic.

To make your entryway inviting and filled with light, you can place selenite in all of the corners to create a positive ambiance. The soothing tones of amber can bring a warm and relaxing aura to the space. For protection, black tourmaline can be placed on each side of the doorway, ideally outside your home.

Before placing crystals in your entryway, it’s important to cleanse them. The easiest cleansing method is simply using water or saltwater. Though, be mindful that not all crystals are water-safe. Thus, using the mystical light of the full moon is favored and a powerful cleansing method that is safe for all crystals. Utilizing crystal energy to inspire beautiful and inviting vibes in your entryway begins with setting a clear intention for the space. Once you’re clear, relax and hold the crystal in your hand while focusing on your intention. Doing this will activate the crystal and infuse it with your positive thoughts. –TARAH CO.

How to arrange crystals in the bedroom

7) Every bedroom needs a Himalayan crystal salt lamp. The lamp sets the mood for romance with the perfect amount of light. The benefit of this special crystal is that it’s a heart chakra healer that cleans the air and gives off negatively charged ions for healthy lungs and breathwork. –Tachyon Crystal Healer

8) Place a rose quartz in every corner of your new bedroom to keep the room anchored as a sanctuary of love. Add a few under each corner of your bed to create pleasant dreams and loving energies throughout the night and manifest your dreams to come true. –Trish Mckinnley

9) Amethyst is wonderful to use in bedroom decor. This beautiful purple stone is very soothing and supports sleep by calming anxiety and a busy mind. Fluorite and howlite also help create a calm vibe in the bedroom to help with winding down and preparing to sleep. One of my favorites, though, is selenite, a beautiful white stone that can make any room feel peaceful. –The Space Within Reiki

How to arrange crystals in the kitchen

10) A clear quartz is a great choice to place in the kitchen to fill your kitchen with loving energy when you cook. Place a clear quartz near the kitchen window, away from the heat. Clear quartz crystal will pick up on natural light and sunlight coming in through the window and respond by reflecting this light, cleansing and protecting the surrounding area. The shape of the crystal plays a role in how light is projected, so choose the shape that you feel is close to your heart. –Singing Bowl Healing

11) If your kitchen doesn’t have a window, you can place clear quartz where you keep your water or any potted plants. Clear quartz is a master healer and brings healing energies to the person who is cooking, and those energies are transported to the good as well. –Sacred Stone Legacy

12) The best way to integrate and display crystal decor in your kitchen is by using kitchen utensils or accessories made from gemstones. Invite soothing and positive energy into your kitchen by displaying a sliced agate serving plate on your kitchen counter, in your display cabinet, or arranging other energizing crystals on its surface. By using agate utensils and serving ware, you can easily bring the lasting benefits of gemstones into your kitchen. –Olympus Minerals

13) Place crystals around the kitchen to set the intention of the space. Use citrine by the stove to encourage a warm oven and a warm heart. Keep carnelian by your cookbooks to promote creativity in spicing up your recipes. Place clear quartz on your table to keep the surrounding energy pure and clean. Use black tourmaline on your window sill to create a shield of protection. –Natural Healing Stone

How to arrange crystals in the living room

14) A simple and beautiful way to integrate crystal healing into your living room is to set out a bowl of crystals. I recommend a mix of rose quartz, which represents love, and white howlite, which represents peace. The crystals send out constant and lovely energy to everyone who spends time in the room. –Stone To Star Healing

15) I love to have amethyst in my living room as it’s said that this crystal assists in keeping your space calm and serene. Amethyst geodes, due to their raw beauty, shape, and color, are my absolute favorite, as well as the fact that you’ll find that no two geodes are alike. I also have many polished pieces of amethyst throughout my home due to their many emotional and physical healing properties, such as aiding in the immune system, digestive health, helping to regulate hormones, and calming the mind, to name a few. –Life Healing Energy

16) The best way to integrate crystals into your home or business space is to create crystal grids within the room, placing a crystal in each corner and in the center of the room to create the energy and ambiance you desire. Pick crystals that speak to you intuitively, or facilitate the energy you’re looking to create. Additionally, we love placing crystal grids on our bookshelf, creating an in-office altar, making sure it’s somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight to stay naturally charged. –Revive Chiropractic Healing Center

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