Fire Cupping is a method of treatment that involves the placement of glass cups, via the use of fire to create suction, to areas of the body. The application of these cups is believed to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. Commonly associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fire Cupping is often paired with Acupuncture therapies. Thought to be over 2000 years old, evidence suggests Fire Cupping dates as far back as 1500 BC to ancient Egypt.

At Revive Chiropractic Healing Center, our doctors utilize Fire Cupping techniques both via “static” meaning stationery and “sliding” meaning with movement, to improve blood flow to the tissue and break up adhesion in the fascia. You can think of a cupping session as a mini deep tissue massage. Fire Cupping application can help relieve pain, chronic tightness, release trigger points, and overall improve tissue tension via release of adhesion in the fascia.

Revive offers Fire Cupping in conjunction with Chiropractic and Acupuncture care and additionally our massage therapist offers “dry” cupping AKA the use of cups applied via suction as an add-on to any of her massage sessions at patients’ request.

If you are interested in how Fire Cupping can help you, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our caregivers about including Cupping at your next session.