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When you hear the word Shaman what does your mind concoct? Some will say they are completely in the dark, others may see a native American person lidded with feathers, dancing to drums, while a third person may imagine druid runes and Celtic rituals. No matter where one’s mind wanders when presented with the question, what is a shaman, they would all be correct.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice which embraces the belief that we are all one, united byDivinity/Source/Creator.  Whether human, plant, animal, rock, Earth or Star, we are all family and Shamanism teaches us to honor and respect all. In practice Shamanism is indescribable by simply stringing together a set of words, it is a whole person, mind, body, and spirit, experience that liberates the light residing in all of us. When entering a shamanic session, one is being provided the chance to soften their relationship with their own ego, inviting their inner ‘healer’ to support a path of self-love, a deeper relationship with Source and the Divine within.  Shamanism has been present in almost every culture throughout history, it knows no ethnicity, race or creed. Shamanism only knows the divinity which resides in all living things.

I decided to begin a journey into shamanic healing after meeting Donna Callaghan, D. Div. and bringing her work into the clinic. My relationship with Donna started off as a straightforward business union and that seed quickly blossomed into an opportunity for development and personal growth. Donna has been teaching shamanic healing techniques for 20 years, so when she informed me a course was beginning back in the fall of 2018 I knew it was time to deepen my own work with Spirit. I never anticipated or expected the opportunity to learn more healing techniques to add to my repertoire to turn into a space for my own deep personal healing. In the, roughly, 6 months since the learning has begun I have seen an unfathomable expansion in my ability to identify areas of my life the healing begs to occur, as well as I have come to understand and hold space for others who are on their own unique path of healing. Donna has taught me many things, but one of the most important lessons I have taken away from my time with her, is that every single one of us, regardless of outside circumstance, is in our own unique perfection at any given moment. When we allow ourselves to see each other, truly see, hear and acknowledge one another without judgement or shame, we are honoring ourselves. It is my personal feeling this lesson of compassion and love is not only one of the cornerstones of shamanism, but also the bedrock from which we are being asked to live as a collective.

In a modern world of social media, and biased knowledge accessible at the click of a mouse, we are constantly inundated with the opinions of others. It is no wonder we feel depressed, disconnected, and out touch with our own needs, as well as the needs of the Earth. Shamanic healing in the modern world offers us space to disconnect from flawed social ideology so we may connect to the message our soul is whispering to us. It provides a reprieve from the concrete jungle and asks us to step outside to connect with the giver of life, our home, and our planet. The more we deepen our relationship with our own internal guidance system, the softer our steps become on this earth, and in the lives of others.

It is my hope for all of you, is that you allow yourself space to cultivate the healing you deserve and need. The impacts of our ancestry, our social station, and our past all can benefit from Shamanic Work. If Shamanic healing interests you please come visit Donna. She is available at Genesis Chiropractic Wellness Center on Mondays and Thursdays providing Shamanic Healing, Personal Growth Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and much more. If I can guarantee anything about your time with Donna it is this, you will come to learn there is no question that cannot be answered with love.

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