“What is Reiki?”

Reiki is an energy healing technique that was first developed into a “teachable” format in Japan in the early 20th century. It involves the flow of universal life force energy from the practitioner’s hands into the recipient’s body. The form most commonly practiced today was developed by Mikao Usui — now referred to as Usui Sensei or Master Usiui— and is known as the Usui System of Natural Healing. Practitioners are trained by Masters who pass on their knowledge and experience directly. It is not a massage technique, nor is it belief-based.
Reiki is done with intention and dedication to the practice on behalf of the Reiki practitioner, and through acceptance and receptivity to healing, on behalf of the receiver.

“How Does Reiki Work?”

Reiki operates on the belief that energy flows through your body along pathways called Chakras in Sanskrit, Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Nadis in Yogic practices; nourishing your organs and tissues and supporting vital functions. Anything that disrupts this energy flow can contribute to and in some cases, cause illness- physical, emotional and mental.
Reiki works to heal by repairing the disrupted flow. The practitioner guides/directs this healing energy, into you the recipient, allowing stagnant energy, cords, and blockages to dissipate. This clears the energy body, allowing for clarity, vibrancy and emotional well being to be more easily accessed.

“What Conditions Does Reiki Treat?”

Reiki is a powerful healing tool in mind, body, and spirit work and is used in chakra balancing. It can be used alongside more conventional medical treatments to soothe anxiety caused by illness or damage to the immune system — for instance, it can help reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy or promote the healing of scar tissue.

It is also beneficial to those suffering from psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or grief. It helps you sleep better, which in turn has a beneficial effect on many different ailments.

For those who ascribe to intuitive practices, Reiki healings can help bring forth a sense of calm and peace regarding ones state or current life experiences. Many turn to Reiki to feel a more attuned sense of knowing and clear blocks that may leave them in a sense of stagnancy, or complacency.

“Where to go for Reiki training?”

Dr. Callista Lay not only provides Reiki as a healing service but also educates others on the art of Reiki healing, offering classes yearly for those interested in becoming a practitioner themselves. Reiki training can be taken by those inspired to offer healing energy to others, as well as those who simply want to find more depth in their own spiritual path. Dr. Lay offers Reiki Training in 3 separate classes; Level I, Level II, and Master Teacher.
Level I: Students are taught Reiki basics, including history, lineage, what Reiki can do, what Reiki is, and how to administer Reiki to themselves as well as animals and plants. Additionally students receive their first Reiki attunement.
Level II: Students are taught how to design a healing session, understand more about the ethics around treating others, as well as they are given the first three reiki symbols and are taught how to perform long distance Reiki healing. The second attunement is administered, further opening the student to the power of life source energy, and allowing them to begin to understand how Reiki works across the limits of time and space. Students are now given the tools to begin using Reiki on others, as well as on healing karmic wounds/situations, relationships, and childhood trauma.
Reiki Master Teacher: The 3rd and final training, Students are officially given the title of Reiki Master, and teacher if they wish. This course offers the remaining 8-10 symbols from varying lineages, including the master symbols used to perform attunements. Students are taught how to give attunements, how to teach courses themselves, and further deepen their spiritual connection to Reiki life source energy. Students may also receive secondary information such as removing spirit attachments, and performing psychic surgery, in their third training.
Level I and II are prerequisites for Reiki Master Teacher, but you are welcome to inquire even if Dr Lay did not provide your Level I and II training.

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