Channeled Healing sessions with Dr. Callista Lay begin with the Tarot and concluded with Reiki. During these sessions Dr. Lay utilizes the Tarot and Reiki to connect to your energy, and Spirit, in order to receive guidance to assist you on your life’s journey. This guidance comes through as thoughts, feelings and visuals that are shared with you during the Tarot portion and after the Reiki energy healing is completed. The intention for these sessions is that all information received be in your highest and best good, to help you remove internal obstacles and access your own intuitive body. The goal is always to have you leave feeling empowered, closer to Spirit, and confident on where to go from here. All healing is self-healing, and Dr. Lay utilizes this space to simply be a mirror upon which you may reflect. To find out more, call or book a consultation online.

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It is also beneficial to those suffering from psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or grief. It helps you sleep better, which in turn has a beneficial effect on many different ailments.

What happens during a Channeled Healing session?

Dr. Callista Lay DC RMT, begins these sessions with the Tarot before moving into a Reiki Energy Healing. The Tarot is utilized to connect to your energy and bring forth any messages or guidance that can help you at this time. The purpose of connecting to the Tarot is always to bring forth loving guidance. 

After the Tarot portion concludes, we move into the Reiki portion of the healing. Reiki is performed with hands on or off the body, on a completely clothed recipient in a spa-like or massage-like environment. The practitioner places their hands on or near your body in a series of key positions around your head and shoulders, stomach, hands, and feet and holds each position for several minutes before moving onto the next. They do not apply pressure. Reiki provides the same feelings of relaxation to the body that massage does. 

Revive Chiropractic Healing Center patients report a range of experiences during their Reiki sessions, from feeling a warm, tingling sensation to falling into a deep meditative state. Most commonly, they experience an immediate release of tension.

During the Reiki portion of the healing Dr. Lay connects once again to your energy, as well as your loving guides, angels and well ancestors to bring forth messages. It is always Dr. Lay’s intention that all messages be loving, clear and evidentual.

Most of our Reiki clients state that they feel more empowered by and connected to themselves after a session. Healing sessions are often accompanied by emotional release and a deep calm, similar to the feeling those who meditate often experience. If you are seeking a modality that can help you unpack emotions, and restore a sense of clarity, I recommend a channeled healing.

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Who is a Channeled Healing for?

A Channeled Healing is for anyone with an interest in self-awareness and self-empowerment. These sessions can be helpful to all, regardless of race, gender identification, or religious background. Any and all can find a sense of divine support and emotional clarity within a Channeled Healing session.