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I feel a little overdue for this second blog but better late than never! I think we can all agree we are struggling to shake off the cobwebs of winter here in Chicago. Even as the calendar ticks off days since the Spring Equinox passed (it has been 14 days to be exact) we can still feel the icy fingers of winter at our necks.  These gloomy days are tired, and I feel we are all ready to see that Spring has indeed sprung; sunny days, temperatures that don’t dip below 50, and the ever-ideological concept of rebirth just waiting to breathe change into our lives.

Not only has the year’s seasonal calendar shifted into spring, but astrologically we’ve begun a new year entering into the sign of Aries. Aries is revered as the newborn of the calendar and whenever Aries is upon us, so too is all energy movement orientated. We feel full of new ideas, action with the need to create takes precedent, and we yearn to charge forth. As these ideas begin to turn in our minds like seedlings waiting to push forth from the April shower-soaked soil, we start to wonder what changes this year will bring us?  What wounds can we wash away? What narratives, of our lives, can we rewrite?

Change never comes easy though does it? Year after year we set goals, we form deadlines, we dream up diet and exercise regimens. Then we slip back into our ego-based routines with so much ease we aren’t always often aware that we’ve already given up on our dream self until New Year’s Resolutions come knocking again. This particular blog hits close to home today, as I too am finding myself dreaming up changes I wish to make in my practice this coming year. These changes come with the fear and knowing that I must give up the old in order for the new to enter. It feels like taking a leap of faith off the Grand Canyon and hoping I’ll land on my feet.

When it comes to making changes in our lives, careers, and relationship dynamics we really are called to change our perception. Instead of focusing on what we don’t want, we must focus on what we wish for. Eyes must always stay to the prize. Effective change won’t come from allowing thoughts to linger on that which we don’t wish to receive. It comes from writing our own narrative full of stories about where we are determined to succeed. When I think of the change I need to see in my business, I don’t spend time focusing on too many fearful how’s and where’s. I create the story of what I wish to see in my business, and then I put forth the energy toward calling that into reality. I don’t feed the fearful thoughts. Instead, I remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that every dynamic I have been in, to date, has always worked out, and often has brought me to the next stage.

Life is full of learning lessons, ups and downs, rejections, and falling into bad habits, but the grey skies always clear. Spring always rolls into Summer, and we are always being given opportunities to jump back into the dream. I can honestly say every seed of creation I’ve ever planted yielded results in one form or another. Even when I slip back into my old patterns, I simply remind myself of the narrative I am calling into creation. The trick always remains in my perception and allowing that perception to only focus on joy makes every lesson an opportunity to rewrite my narrative, to change.

I wish all the seeds of change you plant this season turn into flowers of abundance.

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